Rakana Counselling Services provides support to employees of organisations as part of an employee assistance programme (EAP). The support we provide is psychological, emotional and practical.  Our services are offered remotely, by telephone or in person.

Mental health is the most common cause of long term absenteeism in the work place.  Statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE, 2019) indemnified anxiety, depression and work related stress are accountable for 54% of working days lost.  As well as sickness absence, poor mental health at work can lead to increased staff turnover, reduced engagement and high presenteeism.

Indications suggest that this figure will increase due to Covid 19 and measures taken by the Government to control it such as lockdowns, social distancing and furlough.

Supporting Your Employees

At times it can be emotionally and mentally challenging to balance the pressures of work and personal life.  Rakana Counselling Services supports employees who are at work but unable to function at normal capacity due to issues in their lives, and employees who have been absent to return to work successfully.


Life has been made particularly difficult recently due to Covid 19, many will have suffered bereavements during this time without the opportunity to say goodbye or attend funerals.  There will also be fears about job security, returning to the workplace, social distancing and perhaps using public transport for commuting.

Some employees are working longer or more irregular hours at home, combining work with other family responsibilities leading to a poor work-life balance. 


By providing an employer funded confidential counselling service for your employees, they will be supported through some of the most difficult and distressing times of their lives as well as supporting your duty of care as an employer.


An employee assistance programme (EAP) is tailor made for your organisation and provides experienced and professional remote, telephone and face to face counselling for your employees.

Mental health absences can be reduced and productivity increased however, most importantly, your employees will feel supported and cared for.

Book a 15 minute chat with Morag for a confidential and no obligation discussion about ensuring the wellbeing of your organisation and its employees by implementing an employee assistance programme (EAP) with Rakana Counselling Services.


Employee Assistance Programmes